How Would Jesus Play Baseball?

ImageAs many of you know, I love baseball. So anytime the sport I love intersects with the most important part of my life, my faith in Jesus Christ, I take note. Recently, Pastor David sent me a couple of interviews that were conducted with Matt Diaz, outfielder for my Atlanta Braves. These interviews are impressive, and I want to share them with you. They really touch on some important issues, including the relationship between sports and faith.

Interview #1

Interview #2

My favorite line: “If I break up a double play with a hard slide, people will say, ‘What would Jesus do?’ I’ll tell them, ‘He would have planted them into the outfield wall.’ My Jesus cleared the temple too. That doesn’t mean He lost His cool. It was calculated and He did what He needed to be done to represent His Father. Jesus is my role model and He is whom I try to follow. Everything I do, I know I’m representing Him. Does it mean I do it well all the time? No. But I do ask for forgiveness for the times I bring Him a bad name.”

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Saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. Married to Niki, who is completely out of my league. 5 adorable, yet sinful children: Josiah, Elias, Eden, Lillian, and Samuel. Student Ministry Leader at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. Hobbies include: books, music, Braves baseball, Auburn football, and eating hormone-free chicken.
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